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Thankyou to all of you friends and family that are taking the time to check this out. I know I am a BIG TIME NEWBIE in the world of blogging......well actually anything computer wise and otherwise on the big wide world of internet, so thanks for being patient, kind, loving and understanding. Please feel free to help me out with insights and instructions and even suggestions.........just as long as they are nice. (smile)

This is me...............

This is me...............
What a beautiful place I live.....see that lake and mountians behind me!

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Love, love, love art. My favorite art theme is Jesters/Jokers, Gemini, Drama masks and gnomes/fairies. I Love my art friends. I Adore my hubby Bill, my 4 kids and my sweet doggie Uno. I love to read, travel, sports, music and most of all I LOVE TO LAUGH.....even at myself!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Update on getting healthy...............

Hi to all my friends and family..................
As always I think I have a great routine down and I will be organized................but as usual, I seem to be chasing my own tail. I am of course working on some art projects, trying to refuel after the holidays.......or should I say UNFUEL, boy can you over eat with all the goodies. lol My whole family made a pact to join a gym after the new year in the hopes that the buddy system would work better than going on your own. So far it is working, I think. There is only three gyms in our city that have heated pools, which is a must with all my joint and bone problems. one gym was a private one, one is the Y and then the one we joined. it is very nice. I have had to get used to being all by myself most of the time, while swimming. Bill and the kids all use the weight machines and such inside the main gym, play basket ball and all kinds of fun stuff. The stuff I used to be able to do...........grrrrrrr. Now I am out in the pool, which is all by itself in an outer building. whenever it is cold, which it is winter............it is literally like the black lagoon. all this steam rises up off the pool and you can not see anything hardly. So of course it spooked the heck out of me the first few times. then I got external speakers for my ipod and now I just turn it up as loud as possible and focus on the music. Really it is just noise, because the place is so huge that you can not really hear the words. But my chicken butt feels much better with the background noise. So no we are eating healthy, going to the gym and honoring our new years resolution. Bill is of course dropping huge amounts of weight compared to me............god I hate it the way men seem able to sneeze and drop 10 pounds................why is that? I have swam like a hamster on a wheel and have only lost 20 pounds, while he sweats 5 pounds off every time he goes. lol ok, I should be grateful huh............I am very proud of him and the kids, it just kinda stinks a little that a man that is still in a cast on his foot can run circles around you in the weight lose area. Tyler , my youngest son, of course is running 3-4 miles and making the trainer tired I think. Megan , his beautiful girlfriend, is just putting up with going, since she is in wonderful shape too. Kryston, my princess and only daughter, is loosing weight and doing great. She says the trainer is killing her, but still puts up with it. I think she has a crush on him really though. lol And me.........I just swim back and forth trying to look like I am accomplishing something. having had two surgeries on my neck and on both shoulders.............well, it kinda makes your exercise routine limited. I can't swim over hand, because the shoulders don't rotate any more. I have a hard time with the breast stroke, since the whole neck is fused and putting my head back is not easy and almost impossible. So I have come up with my own style and swim stroke. I kinda tend to list to one side, since one shoulder is stronger than the other, but luckily they have painted huge black lines on the bottom of the pool to keep you in a straight line and in your lane. I am not sure if they did it just for me or not, but it helps! lol In all seriousness, I am feeling better and plan to keep plugging. I keep trying to remember what is good in my life and focus on those things. AND IF BILL KEEPS LOOSING MORE THAN ME, I CAN BREAK HIS OTHER FOOT! LOL Love, hugs and best wishes to everyone. I am off to get paint and glitter in my hair. sandy

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Outstanding Stranger said...

Hey Girlfriend...Glad to hear you are doing good. Great to hear from you again...Big hugs, Diane

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'lady jester' ATC
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