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This is me...............

This is me...............
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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

multi medium 4x6 post card/ journal page

Multi-Medium Collage/Altered Art:
Theme is Nudes
Size is 4x6" (post card)

'Fairy Flight'
These three pieces are the first in a series that I am working on for a swap with other artists. They are a multi-medium, altered art/collage style.....which is what I love to work in most. The only swap requirements were the size and the theme is Nudes. I chose to make my 'nude' beauties into fairies, which I also love.
'Call Me Violet'
The background is hand painted in acrylic paints. I used pigment ink pen, markers and distress ink to make the accent drawings. I collage the vintage photos and other images into the designs.......first laying them out and playing around until I liked the arrangement.

I covered the entire pieces with a glitter glaze that adds a shimmer and shine to them.
I added a dimensional medium to give them a depth and fun texture, as well as a thicker glitter to two of them. I always enjoy making things that are fun to touch and feel, as well as look at. I used small beads to accent as also, making the projects 'chunky'. The wings, crown, and other areas stand out and are not flat looking. They are so much more colorful and 'deep' in person. I wish that they scanned or showed better in a photo. Because the glitter glaze makes photos glare, and the thicker glitter and beads make a scan distorted and not as 'clear'. It is only of concern if you
are displaying your work on the Internet or making images for some reason. I am sure there is also a way to get clearer and nicer photos of the art, I just am not aware of any.

'To The Moon'

Some people like to do collage and altered art styles like this, but they do not use the pigment ink pen and markers to do outlining and pen work. I myself, like to do the hand drawing, shading, outline, lettering and scroll work. It is a way to add so much more personality and character to the piece. It is also a way to make your art work 'personal'. We all write, draw and doodle in unique ways and abilities. Our artwork becomes recognizable to others. With out the pen work, collage can begin to all look the same. The objects, accents, painting, drawing and other work all come together in a very one of a kind and stylized piece. Each of us gravitate to items and supplies, that capture our personal tastes even when using the same themes or mediums. I love playing around with different mediums, textures and styles all together.........blending and coming up with something that is 'me'. This type of project is small enough that you can do several objects at the same time. Because of the size of the items you can accomplish a finished piece of art in a fairly short amount of time. If there is a piece that you are not happy with, it makes it easier to set it aside and focus on the other items you made. You can even start over it you need too, without feeling like you have been drained of all your artistic energy and have used up your time. That is the joy of these mediums and the smaller size.

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'lady jester' ATC

'lady jester' ATC
pen/marker pigment ink drawing