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Thankyou to all of you friends and family that are taking the time to check this out. I know I am a BIG TIME NEWBIE in the world of blogging......well actually anything computer wise and otherwise on the big wide world of internet, so thanks for being patient, kind, loving and understanding. Please feel free to help me out with insights and instructions and even suggestions.........just as long as they are nice. (smile)

This is me...............

This is me...............
What a beautiful place I live.....see that lake and mountians behind me!

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Love, love, love art. My favorite art theme is Jesters/Jokers, Gemini, Drama masks and gnomes/fairies. I Love my art friends. I Adore my hubby Bill, my 4 kids and my sweet doggie Uno. I love to read, travel, sports, music and most of all I LOVE TO LAUGH.....even at myself!

Monday, February 1, 2010


I am finally out of the artist slump, block or burnout mood............I took a long break from my artwork to recover from the projects I did to sell, the gifts I made and just the crazyness of preparing for the holidays. and if that was not bad enough, both my husband, my son and I got the wonderful flu and was down for 3 weeks. thank god we were alive and well on christmas. It was a blast to have our son tyler and his love megan, kryston our daughter and our oldest son travis with his girlfriend sopheak with us on christmas day. the kids and megan actually stayed the night so that we would all be up at the crack of dawn together. we also stayed up watching movies and playing games late into the night, I could still hear the kids talking and laughing long after bill and I finally went to bed. it was one of the best christmas' ever, much like when the kids were young and bouncing off the walls until santa came. I have to admit my kids, bill and I are still young at heart and look forward every year to santa coming (still) and the fun of being together christmas morning.

I finally was able to get busy with my artwork. I finished a painting for my son tyler. he really liked an abstract painting I did several monthes back and asked me to do him one. the other had red sky and ocean, with green moons floating above. since he is always going to miss the mountians that he grew up in, I did the red sky, black mountians with moons and black pine trees. it is still abstract, but it also has a touch of our home in trinity county. I used acrylic paints, a dimentional medium on a canvas. the dimentional medium was added to the trees and the moons so that they have depth and stand out from the sunset type background and mountians. I was glad he really liked it and has it hanging in his front room now. I only wish my ability to take pictures was better.........the painting is much more colorful and has much more depth to it in real life.

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'lady jester' ATC
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